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CNC Routing

CTS has a reputation for hand building outstanding quality scenery for Theatre, Opera, Television and Stadium Venues and with our CNC router we have been able to produce highly detailed work that would have previously been outside the limits of cost-efficiency.

The use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) combined with our top of the line AXYZ Computer Numerically Controlled router allows for the cutting, milling, shaping, surfacing and drilling of a wide range of materials. Accurate to within a thousandth of a millimetre our machine can cut up to 15 meters per minute, and produces a high quality finish on all soft and hardwoods up to 25mm thick; plywood, laminate and MDF; not to mention a host of plastics, polycarb, acrylic and Corian.

Our dedicated draughtsmen can take any complex design that you require and programme it to maximise efficiency and minimise wastage. This will significantly cut down on manufacturing time opposed to hand-routing, saving you time and your customers money. The flawless precision of using CAD/CAM also allows us to manufacture components to incredibly small tolerances, ensuring every single item a perfect clone.