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Abi Emmet
Head of Construction

Head of


Abi’s role is primarily to get the show from the model stage, through the workshops and out the door in a set time. Abi has been at CTS for nearly 10 years and now runs the team of Carpenters and Fabricators on all CTS projects.


Favourite Project
I don’t have a favourite show necessarily, I just love seeing a project through from start to finish. As a welder originally though, I love seeing some of our large steel structures take shape and comparing a designer’s model with the finished article on stage. Being presented with a scale model, or even just a design concept and being one of the people who solve the technical problems and design solutions to make the design a reality, is what I enjoy the most.


Like to Work On
I’d love to work on a show that really shows off the skills of the team we have working here; something that is structurally impressive, with some beautiful complex carpentry involved and with interesting finishes that showcase our talents – if the fitup happens to be in a far-away hot country, that always help too!