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Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni for the 2023 Glyndebourne season

CTS were commissioned to build Don Giovanni for the 2023 Glyndebourne season; designed by Julia Hansen , directed by Mariame Clement  and Production Manager Andrew Jamieson.

Set in a grand hotel foyer…as Don Giovanni’s “world” begins to fall apart around him so does the design become stripped to the bare bones in this exceptional production.

It is interesting to contrast the view of ACT 1 and Act 2 from the audience and the backstage views to get a true sense of the scale but also the world of backstage!

The challenge of working with a large scale opera is being able to switch between shows in repertoire and the design and delivery of this kind of production requires months of planning and a considerable build time. CTS are delighted to have built  new large scale productions for Glyndebourne for the last 3 years on the trot, and have collaborated on many productions in the past.

Here at CTS we support designers and production managers on the journey from initial design through the making process to full realisation on stage.

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Written by: Ed Wilson

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