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Maren Wachenfeldt
Deputy Head of Scenic Art

Deputy Head of

Scenic Art

Maren joined CTS in 2024 and comes from a film and television background as a sculptor and maker. Maren has over 10 years of experience in the industry and her work includes Disney’s Willow, His Dark Materials and Dr Who, before focusing on lead scenic roles for events and theatre. Maren is looking forward to working in theatre again, and all the challenges CTS will bring.


Favourite Project
Probably Willow and the giant head we sculpted as a team of three. It was 4 meters tall, and the mouth opened into passageway to a treasure chamber. The beard had an intricate plait pattern, it was a challenging but very enjoyable sculpt.


Like to Work On
I’d love to work on a show with some complex sculptural elements and textures. A show where I would be able to combine my experience from tv to bring the design to life on stage.