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We are extremely proud of the work we do, from the smallest to the largest project all of the scenery we make is given the same attention to detail and the highest possible finish. Providing a comprehensive service to include the following services: project management, draughting, carpentry, CNC cutting, metal engineering and fabrication, sculpting, scenic art, cloth making (and painting or printing), pre-assembly and test/proof building, installation, crewing and transportation services: all these services are available when you bring your next project to CTS. These and so much more will be at your disposal when you partner with CTS.

Our capacity to take our clients through the entire process from initial drawings and ideas to full fit up on location has enabled us to build our vast portfolio.

We have a huge variety of returning and new clients that include:

– Welsh National Opera

– English National Opera

– Wales Millenium Centre

–  National Theatre Wales

–  Cameron Mackintosh Ltd

– Glyndebourne Festival Opera

– Scottish Ballet

– The Bridge Theatre

– Wessex Grove Productions

– Trafalgar Entertainment

– Ambassador Theatre Group

– Opera North

– Grange Park Opera

– Chichester Festival Theatre

– National Theatre Productions

– Cirque de Soleil

– Borde Gais

– Mamma Mia The Party Ltd

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Our Values

It’s not enough to just deliver, it’s not enough to want to deliver an excellent product. Instead, we strive to deliver a level of excellence at every single point of our business. From a simple interaction over the phone, a colleague’s concern, to our client’s specific requirements, we aim to deliver a level of excellence unique within our industry.

We don’t just say this, we believe that our industry revolves around the imagination, artistry and the needs of people. Without their skills, creativity, and passion nothing exists. We are a people-first organisation and care about their feelings, development, and wellbeing.
Respect is not earned, it’s given.

Without the passion what are we? Collectively we both understand and deeply believe in the work of the arts. Our belief is to be a rich, additive part of the culture, values, and production of outstanding live theatre, and creative projects. This passion along with our heritage and craft means we exceed expectations.

Nothing stands still. Art and design are constantly evolving. So, we evolve as well. Whilst our traditional skills and artistry are honed and honoured each day, the addition and creative application of technology offer new possibilities. We are flexible, adaptable and weave these new ideas into the fabric of our artists and craftspeople.

Collaboration is the foundation of who we are and what we do. Each section of our team works together with the creative minds for each project to go beyond the simple delivery of scenery. Our responsive attitude, and the way we support each other, and our clients generates a unique environment that produces truly exceptional work. We strive to add value to every customer project and that effort ensures we are properly rewarded.

The rich diversity of our team, their skills, culture, backgrounds, passions and more bring a depth and range to our work and inform the way we approach each project. This open approach to people, community and idea delivers something more than what is capable from the sum of the individuals.

Within our industry we are truly unique. We are embedded into a world-renowned arts organisation yet still deliver to a commercial world. The leadership and the skilled team are uniquely placed to offer something truly special; one step beyond a service, into a cultured, artistic, impassioned organisation committed to the arts.

It’s a mindset we share at CTS. Personal responsibility, appreciation for each other’s skills, kindness for each other, pride, expression, and an attitude to deliver to both ourselves and our clients. “We ‘Do’” is what it all comes down to. A desire to create, develop, and give of ourselves to the project we believe in.

Client testimonials


This was such a great collaboration from start to finish. The development, construction, painting, and build was hugely successful and a credit to all at CTS. The set went together exactly as planned during our fit-up and the feedback from all concerned was universally positive. On the first day of rehearsals the designer and director were so thrilled that they lead a round of applause in appreciation of the fantastic set. Thank you to the entire team at CTS for a fantastic job well done!

Andrew Jameson - Production Manager, Glyndebourne

I’ve loved collaborating with CTS; the team are always so supportive in the design process. Their creativity across departments is wonderful, and I can rely on them to create work to the highest standard, with exceptional attention to detail.

Elin Steele - Elin Steele Design

Salome was the first set we approached CTS about building. Designed by Leslie Travers, the scale and the engineering requirements went beyond anything else we had previously built. CTS provided expert advice and made the process very straightforward for us. Working to our budget and timeline the set was constructed and finished to a very high standard. Leejay and the whole CTS team were a pleasure to work with and we’ll definitely be retuning to Cardiff for future projects.

Gavin O'Sullivan - Irish National Opera

Thank you to you and your team for your exquisite work on the set for The Audience. It was so beautifully painted. Perfect.

Bob Crowley - The Audience

I’d like to thank the whole team at CTS for the epic work on 'Company'. Their patience, skill, attention to detail and care delivering this show was awesome.

Bunny Christie - Set & Costume Designer

My heartfelt thanks to the entire team at CTS on a challenging project. It was an utter pleasure to work with you all. You are all splendid.

Tom Harrison - Production Manager - Glyndebourne Festive Opera

CTS are as good at customer service and exceeding expectations as they are at building and delivering high quality scenery.

Luke Child - Production Manager - Leicester Curve
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At Cardiff Theatrical Services, our scenic construction team offer a comprehensive building experience taking a project, large or small, from initial sketches and plans through to a beautifully realised product.

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The CTS scenic art department is a highly trained team of experienced and skilled scenic artists, capable of a wide range of artistic disciplines and techniques.

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Our Work

Naturally, we’re extremely proud of the work we produce, from the smallest project to the largest, each deserves the same attention to detail.