3D Decorative Work

We are able to produce any kind of 3D scenic element, by carving, casting, forming, moulding and modelling using materials such as polystyrene, latex, wood, clay, plastic, and plaster. 

We have a vac form machine so we are able to make any kind of shape- off the shelf or bespoke to suit the shows requirements.

We have experience in body casting, making statues and figures, both large and small scale,  and producing architectural embellishment such as classical or rococo style reliefs and panelling. We are also willing to experiment with modern materials, a good example being our recent polycarbonate ‘ice wall carving’ for WNO’s  2014 production of William Tell.


Creating the William Tell BackdropCreating the William Tell Background


William Tell Final BackgroundWilliam Tell Background, Welsh National Opera. Image: Robert Workman



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